Highways End

Entrance / Exit

Highways End


The light of day unraveled

Drove rain in fists of wind

Trounced the sound

Shrill its shearing fabric

The wet black-top hurled back moonlight

In shimmering frantic fractures,

Divided so evenly by the white dotted line

Rolling down the highway’s infinity

Until the highway collided

Into the sunset of your eyes

Ground molten pieces of glass

Impacted mirrors, the last glance


Emotions warmed the dampening rituals of summer

Drawing first blood from sweated flesh

Love came abruptly, like mercury in our solution

But the rolling path of tears

Gave our love some continuity


In mansions of billowing curtained rooms

High above the winding shore

Gull’s shiver and surrender

Too close to sail over what beckons

Attempted the barbed wire of lies too often

Your eyes more alive than the first dawn of life

Now surge in dense waves many leagues beneath the sea

Feel heat lightning wait in textures of wind

For the crackling moment of sound that never comes…